Intelligent Design in Binary

We are the behind-the-scenes, grey-hat mercenaries specialising in 360° white-label growth strategy and activation.

Blackwilder Social

We don’t go babbling on a 1,000-worded essay about why your product or services work. Instead, we stimulate relevant banter about your brand to create a perfect storm for you to get in on the conversation and get your customers to tell each other what it is.

  • ∞ Social Media Management
  • ∞ Social Influence Amplification
  • ∞ Social Intelligence & Monitoring
  • ∞ Native Content Strategy

Blackwilder Engineering

We build applications and processes for end-to-end CRM solutions in B2B and B2C sectors. From customer onboarding to ROI modelling, we develop a lean, growth hacking model for user acquisition and retention, and to adapt to changing market dynamics.

  • ∞ CRM for B2B & B2C
  • ∞ SysAdmin/DevOps
  • ∞ Mobile & Web Development
  • ∞ Innovation Engineering

Blackwilder Research

From CovNet to SNA, SciPy, and the power of R, we use deep learning applications as well as statistical modelling algorithms to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that combines science, mathematics, and behavioral psychology.

  • ∞ Cognitive Computing (AI/ML)
  • ∞ Data Mining & Analytics
  • ∞ Competitive Intelligence
  • ∞ Sentiment Analysis & Modelling

The Progress

We go big. Really big.

Blackwilder uses a programmatic growth-hacking strategy that is adaptable across all industries. With two billion views and half a billion people reached through our digital assets and past campaigns, we amplify your marketing efforts by combining critically creative ideation with technical ingenuity.

2.5 Billion

social views to-date

64 Million

monthly organic impressions

S$7 Million

earned media value

Data analytics show you how a conversion happens, but experience tells you why.